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My Family

"My Family" by Alex, 11/01

Alexandra Julia Jade Gao Zhi
Born March 20, 1996
Gao An, Jiangxi Province


For more information about Gao An Social Welfare Institute visit

Me and my two wonderful daughters, Georgia (Zu Jian Rong) and Alex (Gao Zhi).

Georgia Grace Mei Pearl
Born January 31, 1999
Jian'ou, Fujian Province



Journey to China, November 1996

Our Travel Group with our new babies
The White Swan Hotel, Guangzhou, PRC

Gao Zhi and Jill
A rural village outside
Nanchang, Jiangxi Province

Jill and Vic were married
on Alex's 18 Month Birthday

The many moods of Georgia and Alex...

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