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"I used Jill Touloukian's San Francisco Dossier Service in an effort to "beat the clock" and get our dossier done in time for the October 1998 mailing. I highly recommend Jill and will use her service again. Jill kept me informed of the status of my documents every step of the way and delivered the service just as she advertised." - B. Lockridge

"My husband and I recently hired Jill Touloukian to assemble our adoption dossier. As we currently live in China, the process would have been nearly impossible for us to do for ourselves. Jill came to the rescue and I can honestly say that, if we hadn't found her, I doubt we'd be eagerly awaiting our referral right now.

"Jill is organized, meticulous and extremely attentive. As an adoptive parent herself, she really knows the procedure inside and out. When assembling a dossier, she combines her organizational skills with her personal

Cameron, Andy, and baby Cleo

and professional adoption expertise to handle each step of the process with efficiency and speed. She keeps abreast of changes in policy, and often notified us of time-sensitive matters. Jill compiled all our documents in record time. I believe her fee schedule is quite reasonable, and that we actually got a bargain considering everything she did for us.

"Part of what makes Jill such a joy to work with is her positive and caring attitude. In all my dealings with her--and I was on e-mail with her 2 or 3 times a week for a period of several months--she was totally professional, responsive and supportive. On a number of occasions, she sent me e-mails just to check in with an update. I felt that she really went above and beyond the call of duty to be helpful. For example, she went out of her way on several occasions to make phone calls on my behalf, wading through layers of voice mail at the IRS or FBI until she spoke to a person and ascertained what the status of our file was. Personally, too, she has been terrific. At times when I felt just too frustrated to go on, she always had a cheerful word and assured me that it *would* happen eventually. Her advice and encouragement were invaluable to me.

"Jill is a terrific resource and I feel very lucky to have found her. I felt, in working with Jill, that I was in very competent hands. I would highly recommend her services and am confident that other prospective adoptive parents will be as happy working with her as we have been."

— Cameron Gearen, Former Client & Adoptive Parent
Beijing, China, April 1999

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