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Adoption-related products and services

Celebrate the Child
Mail order source for multicultural books, educational materials and other assorted products for adoptive parents, children and schools.

Online source for Chinese Cultural Products and Services.

Mandy's Moon
Announcements, personalized adoption plaques, multicultural dolls, ornaments, luggage tags, and more! Our new "My Family line allows you to create a cartoon family which resembles yours and we will print it onto a variety of products!

Cuddlebug Creations
A web-based business providing unique Chinese-themed and adoption-related clothing and other products.

Chinese for the Adoptive Parent
A tape/CD with simple phrases and questions in Mandarin. Each tape/CD comes with a printed sheet with Romanized and Mandarin translations.

Pergamon Film & Video
Produces short documentaries of international adoption trips using your video and slides.

A Mother's Love
An Adoption and Infertility fundraising website offering 17 different fundraisers with over 3,000 products and services.


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