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China Connection - A national newsletter (on paper) for families who have adopted (or are in the process of adopting) Chinese children.

A new quarterly newsletter by and for children ages 8 - 13 who have been touched by adoption. Narrations contains stories, artwork, crafts, recipes and more written by children themselves.

EMK Press
Publishing Books for Adoptive Children of All Ages Proceeds from book sales benefit children worldwide.

Adoptive Parents China (APC)
An e-mail group for those who are interested in all aspects of the process and experience of adopting from China or have adopted children from the People's Republic of China. APC is a high volume list averaging one hundred posts a day.

A "Flame Free" list for prospective adoptive parents of children from China. Designed for singles and couples who are planning to start the paperchase or are currently in the process.

A website listing many e-mail lists for prospective and adoptive families.


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